Nick Echevarria

Keep Your Devices Energized With The VAGA

| April 21, 2015 | 0 Comments |

There isn’t a more uniquely first world problem than that of keeping smartphones fully charged, especially when there just never happens to be a outlet near when its absolutely necessary!   A novel solution to this problem would be a battery capable of charging itself as opposed to one which requires an outlet for charging. […]

The Davek Smart Umbrella Is The Last One You’ll Ever Own


One of the few things pretty much anyone in the world can understand is the frustration of having lost an umbrella. And that’s because it doesn’t do much when it’s not busy protecting people from the rain, so it’s that much harder to remember its importance 99% of the time.   The Davek Alert Umbrella […]

The “Open Sesame” Command Finally Works With Sesame Smart Lock


The first step in everyone’s journey in smartening up their home is installing a smart lock for the front door. Because what’s cooler than having a front door you can open with you phone? Well, it definitely isn’t all the obtusely difficult installation requirements of most smart locks on the market. Luckily, the Sesame smart lock addresses […]

Oli Fitness Band Lifts With You, Bro


As much as people dislike the run of the mill bro, one has to think how difficult it has to be to actually keep the it up. I mean, those mirror muscles aren’t going to work themselves out, now are they? That said, the biggest problem for most people more comprehensively strength training is the lack […]

Keep Your Toes Toasty With Digitsoles

| March 31, 2015 | 0 Comments |

Most people would agree that winters aren’t exactly the most fun time. Snow, sleet, and slush conspire every year to make daily commutes miserable and any outdoor activity seem like an absolute final option.   One of the biggest annoyances during those blustery months are cold feet, assaulted by the type of cold not even […]