Robert F. Peterson

New Music Review – Muse: Dead Inside

| April 21, 2015 | 0 Comments |

The first time I heard of Muse was when I was a sophomore in college. It took me a while to even listen to them, my idea of their music was completely off-base and I’ve never forgiven myself for the time I wasted not listening to them. Once they started to get extensive radio-play stateside […]

What the F Happened to “The Following”?


Seriously though.   What happened?   When the show first hit the airwaves – that’s how TV is still broadcast, right? What is this 1953? – it was a mainstream success. A show that questioned everything you knew of network (that’s important to note) television and pushed the boundaries of what will be accepted by […]

What the Hell is Tidal?


So let’s say you’re a famous musician and you have all these songs out on the radio, being purchased on iTunes – okay, maybe not that – selling out concerts, making appearances at award shows and then you drive off in your hundred-thousand dollar Mercedes driven by a guy you pay one-hundred-thousand dollars a year […]

My Reaction to the Justin Bieber Roast


The roast of Justin Bieber took place on March 30th and I had very high hopes as you may have read here a little ways back. The roasters – if you will – were big names in comedy mixed with some interesting characters in the rap game mixed with Martha Stewart – why?   The […]

Trevor Noah: What This Means for The Daily Show

| April 6, 2015 | 0 Comments |

I remember a few weeks ago looking for some stand-up to watch, draw inspiration, or straight up steal material from and I came across Trevor Noah.   Who is this guy?   Meh!   I kept going not even paying him any mind. I never heard of him before so I figured he most certainly […]