So…Dogs Can Drive Cars Now

No offense to cats, but there’s a reason Lassie wasn’t a feline. It just seems like dogs are more hard working, loyal, and diligent than their indoor-pooping-partners. But it’s 2015, dogs are advancing and doing more than I ever thought possible. I used to think Frisbee was cool, but dogs these days are getting creative with the stuff they can do, like:


Dogs learned how to drive

That is not a joke, watch this video to see an actual dog drive an actual car. Now to be fair, that car is modified, and their trainer is right outside, but also to be fair: that freaking dog is driving a car. That has some pretty startling implications, for instance, will a dog one day be able to drive your drunk ass home from a party? Dogs are man’s best friend, but are they also destined to become our drivers, too?


Dogs understand how pianos work

This one sort of took me by surprise. I get that dogs have perfect pitch, I mean a dog’s brain is like 90% nose and ear functions, but this feels different. Not only does the dog recognize the different pitches, his little doggy thoughts have to go something like, “Ah, yes that pitch is two and a half steps lower than the previous one, so simple.” And then he probably thinks about squirrels and eating some poop, but for a second there, he’s got some pretty intelligent thoughts going on.


Watching flat screen TV’s

What, you thought this would be all work and no play? Humans like to come home and chill in front of the TV, what makes dogs any different? Apparently, new HD screens are so high quality that dog’s inferior eyes are finally able to decipher what’s happening on screen. Which also means that for years dogs thought we were a bunch of idiots who just liked watching noisy blobs for hours.


Bonus: dogs are cubes

While I was researching cool dog things, I stumbled upon a new grooming trend: cube dogs. Basically, people just bring their dogs to the groomers and say, “Cube this puppy up, I want you to pixelate this little guy so hard he looks like he fell out of Minecraft.”


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