Must-Have Mobile Games for Your Morning Commute

Morning commutes can be a drag, whether you’re packed in a bus or a train full of sweaty, grumpy strangers. Avoiding eye contact with that twitchy passenger or trying to identify the brown sludge in the seat across from you is not prime entertainment.  You need an activity that won’t end in injury or infection!  Here are three free-to-play games to help pass the time and take the edge off as you face another 9 to 5 grind.


“Freeze!” by FrozenGunGames (iOS | Android)


Meet HERO, an eyeball flower monster that’s been kidnapped from its home and imprisoned on a distant planet for reasons unknown.  Luckily, HERO’s captors have furnished every prison cell with a handy escape vortex for more reasons unknown!  To help guide HERO to freedom, you can manipulate gravity by rotating the entire world with a finger drag or stall gravity by tapping the “Freeze” button.  Using this simple, elegant game mechanic to avoid spikes and other obstacles set in a black & white Burtonesque environment, you are lured into a fun and satisfying puzzle-solving experience.  Each level presents a palatable challenge without rousing full-blown frustration.  However, if you get stuck on a puzzle, solution videos are available to view online and after ten unsuccessful attempts, you may skip the puzzle altogether.


“Smash Hit” by Mediocre (iOS | Android)


Your mission is simple:  SMASH ERRYTHING.  Tap the screen to aim and hurl metal balls at glass objects blocking your path. Each level is peppered with glowing blue glass pyramids that, when demolished, earn additional balls to extend your journey as long as possible.   That’s it – just the shameless destruction of a beautiful, futuristic landscape set to a decent electro soundtrack. The game physics realistically vary how the glass obstacles are damaged depending on the angle of impact. Plus, the shattering sound effect that comes with each successful hit is quite gratifying. One major drawback is the inability to restart from checkpoints without a premium upgrade.  Nonetheless, this game is a stress-relieving fantasy flight as long as the balls keep soaring. Beware, if you don’t clear the path ahead of you in time, you’ll crash and forfeit ten balls.  So make sure you always have lots of balls in your hands.  Life lessons, kids.


“Sector Strike” by Clapfoot (iOS | Android)


This side-scrolling combat shooter challenges your reflexes as you evade and attack a non-stop onslaught of enemy drones.  It isn’t the flashiest of its kind, but it’s definitely one of the most enjoyable.  Often, these old school style shooters can grow so manic that it becomes near impossible to keep track of everything floating across the screen, especially the tiny laser fart that manages to shred your ship. “Sector Strike” keeps it simple and doesn’t distract with graphical fluff.  Everything on the screen either wants to murder you or save your life.  Gather credits to upgrade your ship’s weapons and armor or gain abilities between levels.  The levels steadily grow more hectic, but gradually beefing up your ship keeps the gameplay well balanced.



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