Coffee is a Serious Matter

A perfectly brewed cup of coffee is just as important as wearing deodorant. To me, there is nothing more important than starting the day with a delicious cup of coffee to give my rested brain cells that extra edge to start taking over the world in the early morning hours. A divinely brewed cafe con leche makes my Sunday afternoon reading something to look forward to all week. With the explosion of independent coffee roasters and coffee shops, the art of coffee making has been taken to the highest level. A quick coffee run can easily turn into a 45 minute ordeal as a bearded man wearing suspenders makes a cup of coffee in the beakers you used to observe the reaction of copper and nitric acid in high school chemistry class.


I take my coffee seriously and there is nothing more disappointing and uninspiring than a horrible tasting cup of coffee. Its as though I hold on to the bitter resentment haplessly extracted from over-roasted, old coffee beans that ruins my day and makes my every next move unbearable. As much as the yogis advise me, I can’t let go of those feelings, until my joe is redeemed.


As I do in most things in life, I took matters into my own hands. I don’t have a $70 coffee house budget nor the time to make a daily pour-over pilgrimage. I experimented with different ways of brewing fresh coffee at home, and to me the French Press WINS. I’ve experimented with it all, coffee makers, espresso makers, coffee houses, coffee machines (eek!) and have fallen in love with the french press for my at home coffee ritual. Plus, I’m not a fan of appliances and it fits right into my simple living lifestyle. I like it because it gives me total control of the taste, strength and temperature of this black gold. I even experiment with different spices, sweeteners and milks such as cinnamon, anise, maple syrup and hazelnut milk, to name a few. Once you have the basics down of a perfect French Press brew, you’ll be hooked.



How to brew a perfect cup of French Press coffee (Makes 32 ounces 3-4 servings. 2 1/2 in my world)



You’ll need:


A French Press (no shit)


1/2 cup fresh coarsely ground high quality coffee beans (I try all different kinds. Expensive does not mean good, trust me)


4 cups distilled water (I’m picky about my water too)


Something to heat water in (sauce pan, kettle, cauldron, etc…)


Timer (or good sense of time)


Easy Peasy Instructions:


  1. Get your water hot. I don’t mess with taking water temperatures because I have things to do. Heat it to a boil, then take it off the heat for about 45 seconds.
  2. While that’s happening, measure out 1/2 cup of sweet smelling coffee grounds, coarsely ground, into your press. If you grind it finer for like a coffee machine or espresso, you’ll have mud. Do it right. If you don’t need to make so much coffee, use 2 tablespoons per 8 oz of water. 6 oz if you had a rough night.
  3. Add the water and give it a quick stir with a spoon, chopstick, butter knife, whatever you have around, and place plunger in ready position.
  4. 4 minutes later…. PLUNGE THE PRESS.
  5. Enjoy and feel love stream into your veins.


I’d love to know how you do your home coffee. In my opinion, mastery of coffee brewing, is mastery of life.








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