Oli Fitness Band Lifts With You, Bro

As much as people dislike the run of the mill bro, one has to think how difficult it has to be to actually keep the it up. I mean, those mirror muscles aren’t going to work themselves out, now are they? That said, the biggest problem for most people more comprehensively strength training is the lack of information. Now, with the Oli wearable exercise tracker, anyone can have access to information that can otherwise be difficult to get.


The Oli tracker combines a variety of sensors that can ably keep track of completed reps and sets. What’s more, these sensors can monitor the movement of workout bars as to analyze force, velocity, and power metrics. All told, the product provides users with the type of important accurate feedback needed to see discernible gains at the gym. A companion iOS/Android app is capable of syncing workout videos of a user’s lifting motions with other data obtained through the Oli for a comprehensive workout picture.


There’s nothing like a little help to get over that hump, and the Oli provides that. With it and the information it provides, anyone can have the personal trainer they’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost. The team behind Oli is hoping for $50,000 in funding, so each $199 Oli will go a long way towards that goal.


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