The “Open Sesame” Command Finally Works With Sesame Smart Lock

The first step in everyone’s journey in smartening up their home is installing a smart lock for the front door. Because what’s cooler than having a front door you can open with you phone? Well, it definitely isn’t all the obtusely difficult installation requirements of most smart locks on the market. Luckily, the Sesame smart lock addresses this.


The lock is manufactured with a five-patented design capable of being installed over a large variety of single-cylinder deadbolts, all without the need of any tools.The lock uses Bluetooth LE in conjunction with military-grade encryption in order to enable home entry in a number of creative ways. For instance, users can utilize a companion iOS or Android app to remotely open a door or enable proximity entry by way of a nearby smartphone. Voice controlled based entry is also a feature of the device. Notably, users can be informed when doors are opened and closed, an important feature given that Sesame provides wireless and shareable access.


The Sesame smart lock is a fun, secure addition to any home seeking to modernize. Although its Kickstarter campaign has crushed its goal, anyone interested is still able to get their hands on one for just $149.


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