Turn Your Mac Into an iPhone Screen For FREE

Screen sharing, the ultimate sign of technical know how. If you have two screens it means that you’re too smart for one. The only exception is if one of those screens is Google Glass, which even nerds think is dumb.


But, show people that you can plug your iPhone into your Mac and see it on the big screen….well, that’s a one way ticket to babesville my friend.


How is this sorcery possible?

Yosemite. The latest upgrade from Apple boasts more integration between devices than ever before (as long as they are up to date as well). Sure, there are Messenger and Notification upgrades, but surprisingly, this has nothing to do with those. No, the program that makes this all possible is…QuickTime.



That’s right, the video player from hell actually got an upgrade that makes it one of the most valuable programs on your laptop. See, there’s a feature on QuickTime that will let you record the screen on your iPad and iPhone, which is awesome. But, if you don’t hit record, then you get a real time, real-big view of your iPhone on your laptop.


It’s super easy.

I know that PC is seen as the “smart” choice in computers, but no one has a corner on user experience like Apple. This is all done in four steps:


  1. Plug your iPhone/iPad into your computer with it’s USB cable
  2. Open QuickTime
  3. Go to “File” then “New Movie Recording”
  4. Click the arrow next to the record button in the new window, and select your iPhone.


That’s it. That’s all it takes. Honestly, the hardest part about this whole process is the brief moment when the new movie recording uses your laptop’s camera, not your iphone, and you think, “Oh god, is that what my face looks like?” But, other than that, this process is easy and pain-free.


Enjoy your flat screen iPhone

It takes some getting used to at first, but after a moment you’ll get used to controlling your iPhone while looking at the computer screen. After all that, it’s up to you. I just like this because now, when I surf the internet on my phone, I’m not squinting at some tiny screen. The other cool part is that if you flip your phone’s orientation, the size of the view screen will change as well.


You’re welcome for the simplest, most useful tech hack you will ever learn. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go beat the matrix with my screen sharing skills.


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