Veloloop Keeps Traffic Lights Green For Cyclists

There’s nothing worse than having a red light throw a wrench into what was a smooth, wind-in-your-hair bike ride, especially when there isn’t any traffic to justify wasting upwards of three minutes doing so. With bicycles being so small, traffic signals just don’t sense them as they would larger vehicles, leading to grumpy cyclists. No one likes a grumpy cyclist.


The Veloloop is small, electrically charged antenna that lets your bike cast a car-sized shadow onto the loop sensors that govern signals on the road. It attaches to the rear wheel and works by detecting when there is a sensor below the bicycle, reacting by returning the frequency that particular sensor is looking for, thereby changing the light. And since it does this with so little energy, even a pair of AAA batteries will last for a year or more.

With many people having expressed interest in what could be an extremely useful device, the Veloloop sure holds promise. Unfortunately, not enough backers stood behind the innovative idea to make it a reality. Perhaps a smaller form factor would have given it the success it deserves.  Until then, keep a look out for the product in the near future — we certainly haven’t seen the last of it.


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